Pickle Treats


This is another recipe that isn’t really much of a recipe at all. It’s more of an idea.

Chances are you’ve eaten these pickle cream cheese appetizers at a party or carry-in before. They’re fun little finger foods that you can make well ahead of time .

My kids love them. Actually, they love them so much that during the elementary years we turned every Friday into “pickle treat day” in their lunch boxes. We made extra and they shared and traded with friends.

Pickle Treats

1 jar of dill pickles – I prefer the refrigerator style (like Claussen) in spears
*note cocktail dills were used for the picture
Buddig beef – two packets
Cream cheese – one block (softened) or whipped style

Choose two sheets of beef from the Buddig package. Apply approximately one tablespoon of cream cheese and spread across beef. Repeat until all of the beef is used.

For each pickle or spear, use a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the pickle. Place the pickle at one end of the beef and roll.

For a party you can cut them up and display them neatly, complete with toothpicks. If you are packing pickle treats in a lunch box, I recommend you not cut them. The cuts tend to fall apart before lunch time and the whole pickle treat is much easier for little hands to handle at lunch time.

As I said, more of an idea than a recipe. I had made them for years and just never thought of them for the kids’ lunch boxes. My kids quickly changed the name from “pickle cream cheese appetizers” to “pickle treats!” Though I wouldn’t pack them everyday, they were nice to break up the monotony of sandwiches and carrot sticks.

Give it a try or maybe make up a batch for a late night snack. Have fun with food and check back to the Recipes section often!

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