Adriatico’s Pizza at The Ohio State University

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This week an Ohio January ran smack dab into the ongoing COVID crisis and had us feeling stuck in a rut. We wanted to branch out and try something new and agreed that pizza is the perfect take out food. We had a short discussion and review (read friendly debate) of some of the Central Ohio pizza that have been recommended. Finally, we decided on Adriatico’s Pizza near the campus of The Ohio State University.

The recommendation on Adriatico’s actually came from a friend of one of my daughters. We’d been meaning to try it for some time, but kept putting it off. Their location on campus is a good 25 to 30 minute drive from our house. Of course the drive isn’t really that terrible, but with adequate pizza spots within a ten minute radius we’d been putting off branching out.

Giving Adriatico’s a Chance

We ordered before we left home and immediately set out for Adriatco’s due to the drive time. The GPS directions were adequate and the building was well lit. In addition to the small parking lot in the rear of the building, there was ample on street parking.

View of Adriatico's pizza from the street and a view of the lobby showing The Ohio State University theme.
The outside of Adriatico’s was well lit and there was ample parking in a small lot to the rear of the building as well as on-street.

We were in a bit of a hurry to pick up, so I forgot to ask if they were offering dine in. They offered a large dining room with an Ohio State motif, including block Os on the floor of the entryway. There were several large televisions, perhaps an ideal place for OSU football Saturdays.

Being a lover of all things sweet, my eyes kept stopping at the gelato counter. How unusual, I thought, that a pizzeria would feature gelato. No matter. I made a mental note to make a return trip in the summer.

Time for a Taste Test

We’d ordered two large pizzas, the supremo and a pepperoni mushroom, which is my husband’s usual. I usually go for plain pepperoni or pepperoni mushroom as well, but had heard amazing reviews of their supremo pizza and wanted to give it a try.

We started with the supremo and it didn’t disappoint. I was about to swear off of my plain Jane pizza forever, but then tried a slice of the pepperoni mushroom and found it to be excellent as well.

Pizza box from Adriatico's pizza and photo of the gelato bar.
The gelato bar near the checkout counter immediately caught my eye.

Was it the best pizza I’ve ever had? I don’t know. But I know it was definitely top ten and certainly a slice above what we’ve been settling for lately.

Sometimes pizza for us a last minute, desperate decision. It’s something we default to when we can’t decide what we want for dinner. On those occasions, when we’ve grown so hungry we feel like eating the sofa, I doubt we’ll make the trip to Adriatico’s.

Adding Adriatico’s to the Pizza Rotation

I do plan, however, to make the intentional decision to make a pilgrimage every now and then, perhaps once a month. I discuss this with the family, all of whom are in complete agreement.

There is some consensus that, while Adriactico’s might not become our every week pizza, it somehow be elevated to our family’s special occasion pizza. Yes, this is a designation we’ve created especially for this pizzeria.

Pepperoni mushroom pizza from Adriatico's pizza at The Ohio State University.
While the Supremo was my favorite, the pepperoni mushroom was a strong contender.

If you are living in or visiting the Central Ohio area, I highly recommend you give Adriatico’s a try. It’s a delicious pizza, made with high quality ingredients. The toppings were abundant and spread edge to edge.

Adriatico’s in Cincinnati

Though I have not visited, I have heard that Adriatico’s has a location near the University of Cincinnati campus. If you’ve had a chance to visit or order from this location, be sure to leave a short review in the comment section.

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