Best Scrambled Eggs

eggs and heavy cream

It seems fairly basic to offer you a recipe for scrambled eggs. After all, I’ve been making scrambled eggs since I learned to cook years ago. But have you been making the best scrambled eggs?

I mean, for years I thought I could make scrambled eggs. I preferred over easy, so I only scrambled them when I had to make a large batch or the kids requested them. Little did I know that I’d been making them incorrectly all this time.

Cooking eggs slow and low produces the best scrambled eggs.
Scrambled eggs are great for breakfast and they make a budget friendly and quick dinner.

A few years ago I started a bit of a research project. I looked at scrambled eggs made by famous television chefs and finally came up with my own method. It was simple, delicious and versatile enough for varied taste buds.

Next time you’re making breakfast, give my recipe a try. I think you’ll agree, these at the best scrambled eggs you’ve had.

Best Scrambled Eggs

Eggs – I usually scale to 2-3 eggs per person
Vegetable or canola oil spray for the pan
Heavy cream – about 1 teaspoon for every 2 eggs, I just eyeball it

Salt and pepper
Hot sauce
Pico de gallo
Bacon pieces

Crack eggs in a large bowl. Add cream. Whisk until the eggs are combined.

Spray a vegetable or canola oil in large pan.

Set heat to low or medium low. This is an important step. Almost all of the chefs I studied agreed on low and slow for scrambled eggs.

Stir and scrape the eggs with the spatula giving constant attention to the bottom of the pan so they don’t stick.

Continue to cook until they are almost done. This is important, they should still be glossy or wet when you remove them from the heat. They will continue to cook after you removed them from the heat. If they stay on the heat for too long, your final product will be dry and tasteless.

Plate the eggs and allow everyone to season to their taste. I don’t season them as they cook so that everyone can personalize their plate. These are so good that I have them with just a bit of salt.

Experimenting in the Kitchen

How do you like your eggs? One of my girls prefers hot sauce and another likes bacon pieces and cheese mixed in. Have you had any dishes that you’ve cooked for years only to find that there is a better way? Share you experience in the comments.

Bacon and eggs on a white plate.
Bacon and eggs – classic and delicious.

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