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One of the perks of this blog is getting to sample food from all over the state, from hot dogs in Athens to lobster bisque in Put-in-Bay. This December, we were happy to head back to southern Ohio for another restaurant review at Hometown Hibachi in Chillicothe.

Small Town Dining

While Ohio’s cities offer a multitude of dining experiences, some of the best eateries exist in the smaller towns, just waiting for discovery. Chillicothe is no exception and we are certain to return to explore some of the other establishments. I had actually eaten at Hometown Hibachi once before, on a friend’s recommendation and was excited to get back for another visit.

Hometown Hibachi in Chillicothe, Ohio
Hometown Hibachi in Chillicothe’s revitalized downtown area. They provide huge portions of delicious hibachi for a reasonable price.

Beginnings as a Food Truck

The restaurant has been open, according to our waitress, for over a year at it’s current location, 59 North Paint Street. Knowing that it got its start as a food truck, I asked if it was still in operation. Apparently the food truck has moved to Jackson, Ohio and is serving up the delicious hibachi at 319 Broadway Street.

Chillicothe’s Hometown Hibachi is located in the revitalized downtown area. It’s about a block away from the courthouse and is surrounded by little boutique shops that make for some excellent after lunch browsing.

Hometown Hibachi in Chillicothe

We got there just at the tail end of lunch, so the restaurant wasn’t crowded. We are fairly careful with the COVID restrictions, however it wasn’t a worry as they did a good job of distancing the diners and all of their employees were wearing masks.

Teenage girls eating hibachi food.
The girls were both happy with their choices.

Our waitress was excellent, though sadly I failed to get her name. She was knowledgeable about the dishes and made good suggestions.

Their prices start at a very reasonable $9 for the vegetable hibachi, range upwards to $11 for the chicken, and a bit higher for some of the steak, seafood, or combinations. Both times I have visited this has translated into a mountain of food and I had to get to go boxes each time.

Each meal includes a clear soup (chicken broth based) and salad to start, mixed vegetables and choice of rice or noodles. We also tried the crab rangoon, one of Amanda’s favorites.

This visit I had the steak and scallops with fried rice and it was excellent. My husband, who later finished my box of leftovers, liked this combination as well.

Natalie, who would eat salmon four days a week if she could, was excited to see they had her favorite protein on the menu and ordered it with fried rice. She said that it was better than my salmon recipe. I shot her a dirty look but she was too busy eating to acknowledge.

Hibachi with salmon, fried rice and vegetables at Chillicothe's Hometown Hibachi.
Natalie ordered the salmon and was very happy with her choice.

Amanda, ever the shrimp aficionado, ordered the shrimp and scallop combination with white rice. She found egg yolk sauce on the menu and added that to the top of her hibachi. She let me have a taste. Honestly, I’m not a fan but she said it was amazing.

Visiting Chillicothe

Altogether it was a great experience. Though we had other business in town, it is definitely worth the drive as we made an afternoon out of it eating and then wondering around the little shops nearby.

The interior of Hometown Hibachi in Chilliocothe, Ohio
The inside of the restaurant is tastefully decorated and the large front and side windows allow for excellent people watching.

If you plan to make a trip, bring your appetite and check their Facebook pages ahead of time as it looks like hours may vary. You can click through to the Chillicothe restaurant or visit the Jackson food truck page.

Promoting Ohio Business

Promoting Ohio businesses is a big part of our mission and we really enjoy doing so. Tasting new and delicious foods is just one of the perks. Check out some of our other restaurant reviews and remember we are always open to suggestions. You can leave it in the comments or email us your favorite restaurant.

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