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Bored and anxious to try out the cameras on our new phones, Natalie and I headed out to explore downtown Columbus after dark. Knowing that we might need a little refreshment during our travels, we decided to give Buckeye Donuts a try as well.

Buckeye Donuts in Columbus

Buckeye Donuts is open 24/7 and located on the campus of The Ohio State University. According to their bags, Buckeye Donuts has been a “campus tradition since 1969.” I know of several alumni who make the stop each time they are in Columbus. Somehow I made it through my entire program at OSU without once visiting. Unfortunately, my studies kept me mostly to the other side of campus.

The exterior of Buckeye Donut and some of the donuts available for purchase.
Buckeye Donut on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

If only I had known then that I was missing out. Buckeye Donuts is tucked into a row of shops lining High Street on the campus of The Ohio State University. It’s just down the street from the Wexner Center for the Arts.

We arrived late, after midnight. Despite the late arrival, the staff was helpful and warm. Natalie, who was struggling with her energy level at that point, decided on a coffee drink. My sweet tooth won out and I got a red velvet cake donut from the available large selection. This place would hit the spot for a lazy Saturday breakfast or a late night study break.

The bag and a red velvet cake donut from Buckeye Donuts in Columbus, Ohio.
Brutus, Ohio State’s nutty mascot, graces the front of the bags from Buckeye Donuts.

From Downtown Columbus to Buckeye Donuts

But how did we arrive at Buckeye Donuts? Well, we were each armed with new phones and anxious to try out the camera features in preparation for an upcoming trip. We decided that the area around the Scioto Mile provided excellent shots of the skyline and had always seemed relatively safe.

Columbus Skyline

We parked across the river, did a quick safety check of our surrounds, and headed onto the footpath across the Main Street Bridge. From there we were able to catch some nice shots of the Columbus skyline with the buildings reflecting in the river.

If you’re on the bridge, there is a set of binoculars attached near the west side. Take a few minutes and take a look at some of the buildings up close. Focus first on the LeVeque Tower, which is currently awash in pink lights for breast cancer support. There are details near the top that are surprising, including a number of gargoyles.

Downtown Columbus after dark: the Main Street Bridge and the Short North district.
Natalie poses on the footpath on the Main Street Bridge near downtown Columbus. And archways form a tunnel over High Street in the Short North district.

Friends from Cleveland frequently compare the LeVeque Tower to Cleveland’s Terminal Tower. The two buildings occupy a similar presence in the skyline of each city. Though there are similarities, possibly due to the facts that both buildings were constructed in the late 1920s, Cleveland’s Terminal Tower is nearly 200 feet and a full five stories taller.

Driving High Street Through Columbus

Following our photo session on the bridge, we headed up High Street. We passed the Ohio State House, the center of downtown at Broad and High, and continued up through the Short North neighborhood. The Short North is full of kitschy little shops, art studios, eclectic restaurants and bars. Most were closed, but it’s still a fun neighborhood to drive through. There’s so much to see!

The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus.
The Ohio Statehouse as viewed from High Street in downtown Columbus.

We pressed on and reached the campus area, and quickly found Buckeye Donuts. Because it was so late, it was easy to find on street parking. Within a few minutes we were headed home, with snacks in hand.

Have you explored Columbus after dark? Or have you explored your closest Ohio city? We appreciate you FindingOhio with us today and hope you are inspired to check out your favorite spots, perhaps at a different time of day or night.

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