Ash Cave Provides a Handicapped Accessible Hike in Ohio

large recess cave with small waterfall

Our state has so many beautiful hiking trails and every day is a chance to get out in nature. As I sometimes struggle climbing up and down trails over rocks and roots, I worry about our fellow Ohioans of different abilities. Therefore, I was really excited on a recent trip to Ash Cave when I realized the entire hike can be accomplished by most hikers.

Ohio’s Largest Recess Cave

Ash Cave is a horseshoe-shaped cave that measures over 700 feet from end to end. It’s 100 feet deep from the lip of the cave to the rear wall and the rim is 90 feet above the cave floor. In times of sufficient rain fall, a small waterfall collects in a pool at the bottom.

Photo is of Ash Cave, a large recess cave. The trail is a handicapped accessible hike.
Ash Cave is a large recess cave with a small waterfall.

The cave was used for shelter by ancient peoples and got its name from the large quantity of ash that was found there by early settlers. Later the cave was used for meetings with the largest rock at the opening of the cave, Pulpit Rock, being used for Sunday worship services. The cave has such amazing acoustics that the Columbus Symphony Orchestra is planning an event there in June of 2022.

Ash Cave is part of the Hocking Hills State Park.

Handicapped Accessible Hike

Ash Cave provides a handicapped accessible hike which will allow most Ohioans to enjoy our beautiful state. The trail to the cave is level, wide and paved and is only about a quarter of a mile.

Once you arrive at the cave, those who are able are encouraged to take the stairs at the end of the gorge and return in a round-about route. Those who have mobility limitations are able to turn around and return to the parking lot on the paved trail.

Picnic facilities are available near the parking lot. Rest rooms are also available and are handicapped accessible.


Thanks for FindingOhio with us today. We are extremely grateful for hiking opportunities in Ohio that allow hikers of all abilities to enjoy our beautiful state. Are you aware of any other hiking trails that are handicapped accessible? Please email us, we’d love to share them with our readers.

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