Italy in Ohio: Visiting Gervasi Vineyards in Canton

wine barrells stacked up with the Gervasi logo on top

Can you imagine at bit of Italy right here in Ohio? We finally made a highly recommended trip to Gervasi Vineyards in Canton.

We had some insider tips on our visit. Marina actually worked at Gervasi Vineyard during her time in college. She went to Malone University and Gervasi was a convenient drive away. She worked with the events staff and spent most of her time working weddings.

Arriving at Gervasi Vineyards in Canton

I immediately knew we were somewhere special when we pulled off the road and through the big stone gate. And the feeling only grew as we made out way through the beautiful property. There were vineyards dotted occasionally by beautiful stone buildings.

red pickup truck with two wine barrels in the back taken while visiting gervasi vineyards in Canton, Ohio

The 55-acre property is a little slice of heaven and far from being a one-trick-pony. I knew it, through Marina’s college tales, as a beautiful and elegant wedding venue, which it certainly is. But it’s so much more!

Staying at Gervasi

You can also stay on the property. The Villas are each made up of four suites and are frequently booked by wedding parties as they can book an entire villa, which sleeps up to 14 adults.

If you’re looking for a more traditional hotel experience, you can book a stay at The Casa, which is a boutique hotel on property. Or, if you’re looking to book with friends, you could consider staying at The Farmhouse, which sleeps seven to eight.

Playing at Gervasi

We did a bit of exploring and shopping while we were on the property. The Marketplace is a beautiful little store that features traditional touristy merchandise such as clothing and t-shirts. You will also find a large assortment of wine and glassware offerings from all over the world.

A lake as seen through a stone and iron gate, reached by a brick path while visiting Gervasi Vineyards in Canton, Ohio.

We also walked a good bit of the property, which is part of the allure of Gervasi. We walked amongst The Villas and down to the lake. From there we walked the grounds of The Piazza, an outdoor and seasonal restaurant. There we found two bocce courts and for a few minutes rolled the balls around (we don’t know the rules, I’m afraid).

If you are visiting, you may check their calendar of events, which seems quite full. It appears they have a variety of adventures available, from concerts and wine tastings to yoga, cruise-ins and cooking lessons. It seems, then, that Gervasi has a little something for everyone.

Dining at Gervasi

There is likely a restaurant at Gervasi that suits your taste, with four unique dining experiences on the property. The Bistro, The Crush House, The Piazza and the Still House are all available dining options.

A restaurant and bar as seen from the second story. The walls are painted red and artwork with glasses of wine adorn the walls.

We selected The Crush House for our late lunch. The atmosphere was vibrant, both cozy and busy at the same time with a central bar in the downstairs area and walls that were painted red.

We started with a glass of wine and the Crispy Risotto Cakes. Marina recommended the appetizer, having sampled them at a wedding she worked. They were fantastic. We wanted to try some Gervasi wine, but decided to share a glass amongst the three of us because we had a considerable drive ahead of us and we just wanted to try a sip. I would say the wine was excellent, but advise you not to take my opinion as any sort of review. When it comes to wine, or for that matter art, I like what I like and am in no way an expert.

Crispy risotto cakes each dotted with mustard and on a bed of green spinach. The entire dish is on a white plate.

Marina and Natalie each ordered the Crispy Formaggio Chicken Linguine. They both agreed it was excellent and the chicken looked so delicious and crispy that I tried, with some success, to replicate it the following week.

Half of a roast beef sandwich on a brioche bun. The entire dish is on a white plate.

I ordered the Rosemary Roasted Beef sandwich with came with a side of coleslaw and added on a side of Italian Wedding Soup. The soup and sandwich were both delicious and filling. The coleslaw was a bit concerning to me and definitely not to my taste. I can identify the problem in one word: raisins. That’s right folks, they put raisins in my coleslaw.

Visiting Gervasi Vineyards in Canton

Now that I’ve visited Gervasi and see how incredibly lovely and special this property is, I’m certainly planning a return visit. Perhaps next visit I’ll enjoy brunch at The Bistro or indulge in their unique on-site spa services.

If you have the opportunity or will be in the Canton area, I highly recommend adding a stop or a stay at Gervasi to your itinerary. I’m sorry it took me so long to check out this Ohio treasure!


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