Dollar Book Swap in Dayton

a warehouse full of books on shelves

For the last few years, the Dollar Book Swap in Dayton has been on my short list. Could books really be just one dollar? I was skeptical.

Visiting Dayton

Marina and her husband found themselves one Saturday with cancelled plans and were looking for something to do. Since she’s a history teacher and always looking for experiences that feed her love for history, I recommended they make a trip to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, in the Dayton area.

The entrance to the dollar book swap warehouse in dayton, ohio shows books on shelves in a warehouse setting.

The museum has plenty to see and it fit her budget. Both the admission and parking are free. There are some optional activities that have a charge, but there’s plenty to see and do if you prefer to not spend the money.

There’s so much to do in the Dayton area, including Young’s Jersey Dairy, and Yellow Springs and the Clifton Mill aren’t far away. I also suggested the Dollar Book Swap, mostly because I wanted to know a little about the experience.

Dayton’s Dollar Book Swap

According to Marina, her GPS brought her right to the location, although she wasn’t sure at first. In what seemed to be an industrial/warehouse neighborhood, they found the parking lot right away, but had to look around a few minutes to find the entrance.

A map of the United States with tags from visitors to the dollar Book swap in dayton, ohio

Once inside, they found that it was indeed a Dollar Book Swap. There were shelves upon shelves of titles on the warehouse floor. And each title, as promised, was just $1.25.

As expected, the organization wasn’t perfect. After all they’re moving an enormous number of books in and out every day. She said that there was an attempt to organize by book type, i.e. fiction, non-fiction, travel. She said you definitely need to devote some time for your visit so you can peruse the stacks. But hunting for a great book is part of the fun!

Stacks of books on shelves in the Dollar Book Swap warehouse in Dayton, Ohio.
The children’s book section is shown on the right of this split image.

If you have little ones and are looking for children’s books, she highly recommends a visit to the Dollar Book Swap. She said the children’s section was extensive, with many titles from which to choose. It sounds like a great outing with your kids. I know mine, when they were little, would love it if I took them to a bookstore and told them they could pick out a few books on their own!


Thanks for FindingOhio with us today. Ohio is full of unique experiences and there are several in the Dayton area. (If you’re visiting during the holiday season, drive the 30 minutes to Clifton Mill for their annual Christmas lights.)

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