Discovering the Buckeye State Together

There’s so much to discover in Ohio! We have so much to see, do and learn all around us.

Join us as we explore all aspects of the state. We’ll look at fairs and festivals, professional and college sports, and make trips to all the state parks. We will look at the amazing amusement parks in the state, from the biggest to the smallest.

We’ll discover our past through Ohio Histories and find out where we can meet Ohio’s past today. There are museums, memorials, parks, and dramas scattered across our state. We can learn together!

And even though there’s so much to go out and discover here in Ohio, there’s a lot to discover right in our own homes. We’ll discover or rediscover some great Ohio recipes, get our gardens planted, and more.

And because we know that there’s life outside of Ohio, we’ll be doing some travelling far and wide as well! We’ll be writing about our travels from other amazing destinations. And we’ll be taking you along on our quest to visit all of our national parks.

At the end of the day, we’re always so happy to be back in Ohio. We truly believe it’s a marvelous place to live and grow.

If you have an Ohio topic to talk about, just click to contact us! And thanks for joining us on the journey!

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